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simple and easy booking process. 

Booking Procedure

It used to be a hassle to find the right artist for your event. Not anymore! Show Me Showdown Entertainment has broken through the clutter and cleaned up the process, making it simple to search, book, and pay for the acts you want. You can save time used for searching your favorite professional talent for your events. Check out our huge unique selection of artists, including everyone from hip hop, rock, jazz musicians to comedians. Be sure to ask about our add-on services and turn-key simplicity, too! You will be guaranteed professional live entertainment.


Book your favorite famed artist, rock, pop, R & B, hip hop, jazz, Christian , party band, Club DJ, theatrical or cabaret show, special act, motivational speaker, pretty girl or model to entertain, motivate or inspire during your upcoming celebratory event and experience it yourself.


We have brand values such as passion, quality, reliability, performance guarantee, excellent service, endless creativity and handy add on services - all these help to surpass your expectation.

The simple booking process

Booking has never been this straightforward! Just fill out our simple online form and let us know what artists you want, when your event is, and what budget you're dealing with. We'll answer right away with great options.

More details on our process


1. Booking options

Show Me Showdown offers different options on the website to book your artist or entertainer. One of the options is to click on the "Entertainment Request Form". Then fill out the form and click "Send" to email your request and we will respond to your request within 24 hours and usually confirmation within 5-7 business days. There is no commitment from both sides. We will inform the management, agent or artist and will provide you the availability or non-availability for the requested date. If available we provide you with the pricing and conditions for the booking. During this time other clients can submit their request. The first client who confirms the artist by payment shall be served.


2. Tentative booking

A tentative booking is a more serious than the "Info" request. After you click "Send" the artist or agent will receive the request and can answer for this date with available, request additional info or not-available. After the artist or agent approves the booking you will receive an email that contains the agreement. After you confirm this email you will sign and return contract. Then you will receive wiring instructions and/or a payment link and invoice. Clicking on the link you can submit your payment through a secured connection online. In case you have no credit card, you can wire funds to our bank account within 3 days after the tentative approved booking. During this period your booking request is tentative and upon our company receiving payment you will secure the artist. Losing the entertainment is your sole responsibility.


3. Booking confirmation

To change the status from tentative to a confirmed booking, the online or offline payment has to be received and confirmed through our payment source. The other tentative parties shall be informed that the entertainment has been booked and shall receive alternative booking options.


The Agent or Artist will receive and sign for the order agreement. You can then be confident that the entertainment is arriving at your occasion according the terms and conditions that have been agreed.


4. Extra tips

The sooner that you confirm the entertainment, the cheaper the add-on costs shall be, such as flights or hotel stays for example that often relies on availability and seasons.


Artist fees are not included in the expenses for flights, hotel, airport transfers, visa and work permit costs, per diems or food and beverage expenses


Some entertainment travels with a tour manager and/or audio engineer.


In the domestic market it is possible that the entertainment travels with his own P.A. system or other equipment. This will be added in the inclusive or exclusive box.


The Client has to pay extra for the music equipment according the information provided in a technical rider. These items written in the rider should be provided at the venue.



You can contact our staff through the online help desk or if you need support while the help desk is offline, send us an email:

Your 1-stop booking solution

Lets get started on your event now!

Fill out your entertainment requests form or give as a call at (913) 514-0209 and one of our booking agents will be happy to help you immediately. Our office is staffed from

8:00 AM - 7:00 PM EST, Monday - Friday.